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Maps Speedometer


Maps Speedometer (formerly known as Navigation Speedometer) shows your current speed in Google Maps/Navigation or any other app, like Navigon, TomTom, Sygic, CoPilot, Skobbler, WhatsApp, Chrome. It automatically detects when Google Maps/Navigation or any other app of your choice is active and shows an elegant overlay with a speedometer.FEATURES:- No advertisements!- No internet access necessary, no backdoors sharing your private information;- It automatically shows and hides, depending whether Google Maps/Navigation (or any other app of your choice) is active or not;- Choose between miles, kilometers per hour or knots (mph, km/h or kn);- Hide it for 10 seconds by touching the overlay;- Adjustable transparency;- Adjustable size;- Adjustable position, just drag it anywhere you like; - Can be used with any app installed on your device
CONTACT US:Please contact us if this application does not work properly on your device.We will try to fix the problem for the next release.
PERMISSIONS:Display system-level alertsThis app will remain active in the background (no battery drainage) and shows an overlay on top of Google Maps/Navigation while active.Draw over other appsWith this permission the app is able to detect if Google Maps/Navigation is active.Precise location (GPS and network-based)Necessary to read the speed from the GPS chip in your device.
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